Staying Ahead of the Game

Dane Media is excited to introduce eBureau into its roster of lead optimization initiatives. Ebureau enables institutions to detect fraud before a lead goes through, greatly reducing the number of false positives. eBureaus’, eScore solution accurately measures the probability of lead conversions. eScore implements real-time statistical scoring and allows Dane Media to submit the most qualified leads to their clients. Through eScore, Dane Media can objectively judge a large number of leads prior to submission. Each campaign has a customizable eScore according to our clients’ qualifications.

Aside from eBureua’s recent implementation, Dane Media also uses LeadiD as another form of lead quality maintenance. Dane Media installed LeadiD when it first arrived in the industry in 2011. Through LeadiD, Dane Media is able to capture valuable details about each lead and provide the client with a unique identifier. LeadiD instantly identifies where and when the lead was generated. LeadiD is also able to track when the lead was viewed and by whom.

Utilizing LeadiD and eBureau, puts Dane Media at the forefront of the lead generation industry. Dane Media consistently updates our system with innovative technological advancements. These updates enable us to enhance our campaigns’ performances and consequently our clients’ ROI.

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Genius...these guys know what they are doing! If it were possible to reinvent the wheel, I am sure Dane would do it.
- Pete Draven, Senior Administrator, In-Touch Mortgage
After 25 years in the Advertising industry I'd be hard pressed to find a better business partner than Dane Media!
- Cal Baynard, Consultant, Net Strategies, LLC